Columbia Sportswear | Waterproof Breathable Materials | Outdoor Retailer 2011


Why do you always sweat so much inside your waterproof jacket? Probably because it isn’t a very breathable material. At Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2011, …


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10 Responses to “Columbia Sportswear | Waterproof Breathable Materials | Outdoor Retailer 2011”

  1. bugaljuice says:

    are you saying that the non breathable gore-tex material?

  2. fujimatosa says:

    Actually this test shows how well gore-tex manage with the wind. It is ,mean gore-tex will keep your warm inside. The real wind-stopper

  3. antracit25hr says:

    it would be very interesting to see waterproofness without that air pressure

  4. Too much visual trickery going on here..I own Gortex…Omnidry and Rab event fabrics and all three are quite close…

  5. jerry kaw says:

    you morons….Gore Tex is the gold standard ,its lighter and feels almost too thin, but its sturdier…i have a omni tech and a titanium gore tex columbia…yeah they actually made one before, not now…and the omni tech gets wet,the gore tex is almost like new and still water proof, both are from the same year…and i never had to use the reapplication of the water proofing on both. Omni Tech is cheaper, and no ,not lighter than Gore Tex feels light almost like plastic.unlike Omni Tech

  6. MrVolodus says:

    Gore Tex is definitely top. But Gore Tex jacket is 250€, Omni-tech 100€ … clear choice for city and light trek jacket for me.

  7. Jeff Flowers says:

    I own both an omni-tech and an omni-dry jacket. Tech is just a casual rain jacket and the dry is for running. I think you've now discontinued omni-dry going back to using the omni-tech name but with the higher performing omni-dry material.
    What you're showing here is misleading in demonstrating air vs. vapor permeability. The air bubbles coming through your omni-dry material is showing air permeability. Meaning not wind proof. The Gore-tex does a much better job of stopping wind without losing warm body vapor permeability. Cover a steaming cup of water with Gore-tex and that steam vapor will pass through. Blocking wind and rain while still allowing warm body vapor to escape is what you want. Omni-dry certainly allows body vapor to escape but does not block the wind from coming in. I wear Gore-tex running shoes in the winter for this reason. Allows the vapor from my sweaty feet to escape while keeping out the rain and slush and not letting the wind come in. My feet stay warm and dry. A shoe with Omni-dry/tech would allow the breeze to enter the shoe and my feet would feel cold.

  8. на русском можно

  9. ScraPerfect says:

    Wondering if Goretex breaths but in the other direction, that is, it isn't clear which side is facing the air on this display. Also, as far as durability, it's not stretching that's the question, it's a stick poking a hole in it or how to lining holds up to salt in sweat. I'm HOPING what you are saying is true, it's just the scientist in me asking the questions which I would want answered; this show demo, while convincing as it's designed to be has me asking some questions not answered in the video. THANKS!

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