Climbing Technique Theory –The 3 Body Positions


Climbing Technique Theory with Amelia Vigil: The 3 Body Positions Pearman Fitness Atlanta’s #1 Celebrity Trainer Located at Gravity …


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  1. Learn #howtoclimb  with Amelia Vigil and Johnny Pearman.  Climbing Technique Theory–The 3 Body Positions of Climbing. 
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  2. Dell Salza says:

    Well done! Clear, enjoyable presentation.

  3. Great video Pearman. Very informative and fun.

  4. Jesus, that chick is beautiful..

  5. Thanks for the work!

  6. Zach fulkerson here. Looking great man good videos

  7. John Wesely says:

    This video is nonsense.

  8. Lucy Hunt says:

    This is inaccurate

  9. Neil Gresham Climbing masterclass, nuff said. Ignore this rubbish

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  12. James says:

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  13. Informative video. Would really like to know if there are any more in this series?

  14. Ivan Chua says:

    thanks guys, great video! helped me loads.

  15. Sandor Frona says:

    Very big NOOOOOOO for this video!!!!!! Ignore this trash !!!!!!!!

  16. Rallykat88 says:

    "Hello my name is Francis and welcome to this show, Cooking with Dog"

  17. Jason Gaetz says:

    This video should actually be taken down, unless it's satire.

  18. ER kO says:

    This is incredibly inaccurate and not at all a sensible or good way to climb

  19. interesting lesson nonetheless,but how does this help me maintain the erection?

  20. Drinkyoghurt says:

    It's always gonna exist? Did you just assume my gravity?

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  22. ahadicow says:

    basically, you want to transfer as much weight to your leg as possible when standing still and resting, so you want the center(hip) to be directly above your legs and your leg to be full straight or full bent. body position depends on what kind of hand grip you have, whether the grip encourage you to pull down or out or sideways or even up, you adjust your body to suit it. when climbing, you want to do exactly what this video told you not to do – straight arms, bent leg, free hip, combine the force of arm, leg and hip to create a momenten that swings (rather than pull or push) your body toward the next hold.

  23. Jason TBird says:

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