Climb Smart 2011 – Part 1


Climb Smart 2011 Event put on by ‘Friends of Joshua Tree’ the weekend of October 22/23. Special Thanks to ‘Friends of Joshua Tree’, Sue Cram, Mike Duncan, Brittany Griffith, Lynn Hill, Sara…


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4 Responses to “Climb Smart 2011 – Part 1”

  1. ttljournal says:

    what's the song @4:35? Thanks!

  2. ttljournal says:

    got it — "Rastaman" by Big Mountain — nice!

  3. Orc Go says:

    Some constructive criticism from an amateur editor. The music is too loud, it drowns out all voices leaving me with nothing but eye candy. I feel the music needs to be there, it sets a great mood, but it really shouldn't be the main thing I'm listening to.

  4. moosemanty says:

    how do i live in joshua tree and climb every week and not ever hear about stuff like this? lol

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