CDT Thru Hiking Gear List



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  1. OUTDOORS55 says:

    You need to get a new hat for the CDT🇺🇸 j/k😉 Are you planning on uploading videos from the trail?

  2. Best of luck Scott… Happy trails. Welcome to Canada!

  3. I've been contemplating using just one pole as well. Did you use 2 on the PCT?

  4. Steve says:

    Thanks for the vid Scott. Looking forward to your CDT start!

  5. Surprised you went with a dark pack.. The flies will love that so guess you will be waving that nice hat a lot.

  6. Pack looks great – have a great hike, can't wait to see it 😊

  7. SandCrabNews says:

    Good video Scott, I have a Spyderco Ladybug .6oz (18g) $40.

  8. ChuckNoctis says:

    Love the video. Would love a lighterpack list if that is a possibility.

  9. Lisa Paine says:

    You two are hilarious. Are you always that positive?

  10. FreerunTMac says:

    Did you end up having to navigate by compass/maps as much as you were expecting, or was it relatively easy to navigate? I've done the PCT, wanting to rock this one next!

  11. Hey Scott, now that you're done with the CDT, how did overstuffing your quilt work out? I'm curious because I have a 20 degree EE Enigma and am having some problems developing cold spots at night and I end up having to rearrange the down a few times each night to compensate. Thanks.

  12. Do you think you should have had a 10 degree EE Revelation quilt on the PCT rather than the 20 degree Revelation quilt? Do you happen to know if their is a consensus among EE Revelation quilt users whether they wish they had gotten a 10 degree quilt instead of the popular 20 degree quilt on the PCT or CDT? Thanks.

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