CDT Section Hike – Part 2 (Silver City, NM to Doc Campbell's)


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30 Responses to “CDT Section Hike – Part 2 (Silver City, NM to Doc Campbell's)”

  1. Franklandish says:

    If you do decide to through-hike the CDT, would you restart or pick-up where you left off and "do the rest"?

  2. Joe Smith says:

    Thanks for your videos! I feel these videos have a lot of importance promoting trails and the wilderness. There are superb views, and great narration. You aren't negative or tense like some narrators. I let my mind become immersed in the experience and feel relaxed and happy you are happy!

    I was thinking about the cost per mile of your gear / pack. I mean, it's easy to justify the cost of the gear with so many days and miles into them. I have a 7 pound pack I bought for short hikes and back country camping, and a heavy tent, plus a propane stove. I could switch it up and do some longer hikes.

  3. Joe Smith says:

    As far as snakes being poisonous, you can tell by a saying I heard once regarding the pattern of colored rings on the snake: Red touch black, safe for Jack. Red touches yellow, kills a fellow.

    They say it's not a foolproof saying though. Doesn't hold for South American coral snake, which is poisonous. Also, it's not practical to be close enough to a snake to see the rings much of the time. Also, it is said the best advice when you encounter a snake that has red, yellow, white, and black banding is to avoid it.

  4. what's so cool is the spookiness you described with that low music playing in the background. I was kinda weirded out . strange how big changes in an area leave bleak emotion on the land to be felt later by you but oddly still enjoyed, so glad to see you hiking/ walking the part of the country that is somewhat overlooked.

  5. Hey Darwin great vid's, but at Doc Campbell's is when it really starts to get beautiful. You need to come back and finish to Pie Town you will be amazed at the cliffs, tight canyons and of course more river crossings. You pretty much need to wear neoprene diving socks on that part of the trail.

  6. As a woman, I think I would not have opted to stay at Hermitage unless they were too old to overtake. lol!
    Did you get the box to TT? What a trooper!
    Also, if you did it again, what equipment would you change and what were you glad you had?
    Thanks for the video!

  7. Sal Monella says:

    First let me say far be it for me to criticize any long-distance trail that I have not been on. That being said watching both of these videos for the CDT, that trail looks really boring.

  8. Neil Badger says:

    I love your sense of humour in regards to the tree falling because of the birds 🙂

  9. joshhaugh1 says:

    the woodpecker tree is an Acorn Woodpecker food cache. they store acorns in the holes.

  10. Intense Hike! I wouldn't get anywhere once I got to the water…… I would feel compelled to fish for trout at each one I came to! Love your channel… Best trail channel on the TUBE….

  11. Nice calf tats on your buddy there!

  12. AudieJane says:

    You're sorta close to the Sky Islands in south eastern AZ. Hike around the Chiricahua Mountains when you get a chance!

  13. Stitches says:

    I was wondering when you'd run across a snake.

  14. I don't mean to flatter you but I wish the world had more people like this . Simple, kind, respectful to one another , a genuine interest in listening to other people and their stories. It's really uplifting man, you're a good dude Darwin , and thanks for your videos.

  15. Darwin you ever thought about hiking the superior hiking trail ?

  16. Wow! What looked like a tough hike. Great video!

  17. Whats your music in the background? sounds like it comes from minecraft…

  18. So how do you keep track of miles? Also any reason you didn't use more cover? Like have the solar umbrella up but attached to your back back? Any reason you didn't use sunglasses?

  19. I liked your woodpecker dead tree evaluation! Lol

  20. Clay Adams says:

    Ha nice hat! Greetings from VA!

  21. I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

  22. Darwin, the music by Thunder/Dreamer & Dave's Clubhouse with La Lune is in your description but the names of the songs aren't. I've listened to most of their music and could not find a match. Can you please post the names of songs.

    I like the slow pans of your camera shots, and really like the view of the place where you spent the night by the waterfall. It's the sort of picture I would have enlarged to make a poster, for remembrance. Did you happen to document the GPS coordinates to find on Google Earth. Thanks to agent orange exposure I'm unable to walk long distances but that would be a place where a person could spend some quality time, perhaps writing. For me, that location would be a destination point and I'd like to get as close as possible by vehicle, and then hike the rest. What you and others hike in a day would take me at least three, but I'm working on it. Thanks for the videos.

  23. AM D says:

    Darwin, pretty sure the holes are from birds storing acorns in the tree after it was already dead

  24. Lambo says:

    bunch of birds pecking the shit out of it 🙂 ahahahah cracked me up D! #woodpeckerbuffet

  25. MsSixty? says:

    The elevation of the desert Southwest (AKA: High Desert) is greater than the Smokey Mountains I believe, therefore, the elevation of the Gila is probably more than what you're used to, so the hike is more difficult due to lower oxygen levels, even though you've been living in Albuquerque, the mountain elevations are quite steep.

  26. Great video. Love going along for the ride.

  27. I’ve watched plenty of your videos and even followed you on the PCT. Funny to hear you cuss. Adds a little entertainment and reality to the video. That reaction to the snake was 😂 looking forward to following you on the AZT. Happy trails.

  28. I have watched all your videos

  29. I guess Doug the hermit didn’t feel like feasting on human flesh that day…

  30. James Nieman says:

    Did I just find the leak for your hidden news?! Thru hike of the CDT?!?! When you come through Colorado let me know and I would love to hike a section with you!!!

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