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Hiking To Greeter Falls In Tennessee With DJI Phantom And GoPro

Check Out My footages taken on Our way to the Greeter Falls near Altamont in Tennessee. This is a very popular touristic place during Wet Seasons. Check that out out if you’re planning to go… source


How the Appalachian Trail Ruined my Life / Post Trail Depression

2016 AT Gear List – *** WAYS TO SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL *** Patreon: (Help Support… source


Hiking gear – What to Pack for the Fanie Botha Hiking Trail

South Africa has some incredible hiking trails. We’re doing our best to explore as many of them as we can. Our latest excursion was a section of the Fanie Botha hiking trail in the Mpumalanga… source


World famous walking on the Routeburn track

Hikers from all over the World extol the great Routeburn and Milford track trekking experiences. source


Redwood National Park: Fern Canyon

Fern Canyon, the unforgettable nature wonder where Steven Spielberg chose as a location for Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World. This level trail of about one mile follows Home Creek as it courses… source


Hiking the Besseggen Ridge

The narrow and steep path up the Besseggen Ridge can take your breath away. So can the view from the top. Be prepared and stay safe. Plan your adventure at Film production… source


Hiking the Eaton Canyon Waterfall Trails

January 06th. 2017 me and my aunt set sights on the Eaton Canyon Trails for the second time. Eaton Canyon Waterfall Trails is located within Pasadena, California. Overall it was a very great… source


Bryce Canyon National Park – Bryce, Utah

Check out my video reviews on accessibility for Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park and the best local hotels, restaurants other attractions near Phoenix, Las Vegas and the Grand… source


WEEK IN MY LIFE #2 (hiking/flying/bbq)

last week of Summer going out with a bang. 1. go to Smith Rock. just go and be happy. 2. I would argue that flying in the PNW is one of the most beautiful locations. (not that I would really… source


My Hygiene Routine on the PCT

Where do you poop? How do you keep clean? How do you take care of your feet? What do you do about your period? In this video I take you through my entire hygiene routine from the time I wake… source

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