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Packing for a Day Hike: Essential Gear for Hiking in Tirol

Choosing the right backpack is crucial to an enjoyable experience in the outdoors. The items listed on mountain guide Mike Rutter’s day-hike checklist are … source


Zip 2 in 1 Wood Firestarter Gear Review – 50 Campfires

The Zip 2 in 1 Wood Firestarter by replaces both paper and kindling, and burns for 45 minutes. It’s made from just wood and wax, so it’s … source


ClimbingTechnology SPARROW

Slaňovací brzda CT Sparrow. source


3 person, all weather, insulated tent – The Crua Tri

The Crua Tri – New and Improved Our legendary Crua Tri is suitable for any weather condition. The Crua Tri has been tested all over the world in high winds, … source


Jaybelle's Appalachian Trail Gear List

This is my gear list for my 2017 Appalachian Trail thru hike. source


5 things WRONG with the Zpacks Arc Haul

Let’s get one thing out of the way. I love my Zpacks arc haul and consider it to be one of my best ultralight backpacking gear purchases. That being said I’m not … source


Basic Event Rigging Techniques and Equipment

SXS company director Johnny Palmer explains some of the basic principles of event rigging and the equipment we use at SXS. Topics covered include: Truss … source


12 Months in a Hammock: Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock

If you like this video, check out my website; In this review I go over the Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock. This hammock ended … source


Colorado Climbing, Hiking, Camping, Everything Trip – Gear Video

Here’s a quick look at the gear I’m bringing on my upcoming trip to Colorado for 9 days. I will be doing lots of rock climbing, some hiking, some camping, maybe … source


Osprey Manta AG 36 Hydration Day Pack Review | Hiking with Shawn

I bought my Osprey Manta AG 36 Hydration Day Pack from REI. This is not a sponsored or paid review. I wanted to start reviewing my hiking gear and my Osprey … source

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