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REI Trail Chair Review

Sometimes you just want to take a load off, especially after a hard day of hiking on the trail. If you can put up with the extra bulk, the REI Trail Chair offers easy … source


2016 AT Thru Hike Winter & Snow Gear

See all the winter gear for your 2016 AT Thru Hike on the Appalachian trail. Flash 52 shows you what he’s carrying right now as he thru hikes the snowy trail. source


10 hiking gear items I'm getting rid of to start 2019 fresh

I’m starting of my 2019 with a cleaner closet by getting rid of some old (or new!) gear that do not serve me anymore. *** THANK YOU TO MY PATRON … source


Exploring Bandelier National Monument: Cave Climbing!

On this Airstream Life vLog, we take a drive out to Bandelier National Monument near Los Alamos to see the cave dwellings and do some climbing. We got there … source


4 Person MSR Cookset Review-The Best Cookset for Family Camping?

In this video these two brothers take a closer look at this practical and convenient family MSR cookset! source


Review of Columbia Omnigrip hiking shoes on wet rocks of South Mountain Phoenix

In this short video, I’ll show you how well my Columbia hiking shoes with Omnigrip soles handle the slippery rocks on Mormon Trail in the beautiful South … source


What’s The Best Hand Warmer?

For more tips, tricks, recipes, gear reviews and more – visit us at: Don’t forget to check out the 50 Campfires : Daily Outdoor Podcast: … source



To download the RV Newbie Setup Checklist, visit and hop on our email list for even more KYD! ▷ About the episode: … source


Camping Gear- Zippo Outdoor Flex Neck Utility Lighter – 50campfires

The Zippo Outdoor Flex Neck Utility Lighter is the perfect all-use lighter to light any flame at your campsite. This butane-powered lighter powers a soft flame. source


Backpacking the Black Forest Trail, Pennsylvania

The Black Forest Trail is one of the hardest trails in PA. Scenic views and overlooks of Pine Creek, plenty of water and great campsites. This place is pretty darn … source

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