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New Hat

Keeps bugs away. source


Victorian High Country Episode 3. Bright to Dargo to Omeo (Ford Ranger & Mazda BT50)

On this episode the Hema map books get a fair work out as we head to Bairnsdale to get Nathan’s tyre replaced, then go back up to Dargo to camp for the night. source


Passed! in 2nd attempt – Mototech Waterproof Riding Boot test

I received a replacement of the boots so testing them again whether these new boots are waterproof or water will enter and make this test fail. Music by … source


5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Review | A Tactical EDC Backpack?

Today, we bring you a review of the 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 backpack. At 24l, the 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 gets a lot of comparisons to the GoRuck GR1. The Rush … source


Using wikicamps to plan your camping and travel in Australia TUTORIAL

We walk you through how we use Wikicamps to find camps we like. We love freecamps and sites that allow us to take our dogs. WikiCamps is the ultimate … source


RV Chat Live: The Hershey RV Show

Support the stream: Livestream from the road Original music soundtrack and other merch available at … source


Hershey RV Show 2019: Freightliner DriveTech

We tour the new Freightliner DriveTech simulator Original music soundtrack and other merch available at Help make my video production … source


Hershey RV Show 2019: Winnebago View Class C

Two different floor plans, murphy bed and corner bed. Winnebago View Class C Original music soundtrack and other merch available at … source


New Streamlight Siege X 18650 Battery Lantern – SHOT Show 2019

The new Streamlight Siege X lantern that runs on a 18650 battery. source


Hershey RV Show 2019: Touring Some Super C RVs. Great quality. Poor design.

Touring some Super C’s. In my opinion, not the best floor plan design, despite superb quality of material. Original music soundtrack and other merch available at … source

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