Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA in 4K Ultra HD


Canyonlands National Park, in Southern Utah – Island in the Sky and Needles sections. Main locations in the video: Island in the Sky section: View from Dead Horse Point State Park (0:06),…


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30 Responses to “Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA in 4K Ultra HD”

  1. Awesome video. Just got back myself. The first part of the video up to 0:51 (labelled as Canyonlands) is actually taken at Dead Horse Point State Park, FYI.

  2. neoxsupreme says:

    Is a 4×4 required to drive through and around Canyonlands or can a regular car (2WD) be taken?

  3. i'll be here in a few weeks

  4. 7:05 where is this place? Beautiful

  5. MarkDanyluk says:

    Anybody else see the winking face in the rock @ 4:58?

  6. I'm now in the habit of watching one of your beautiful videos every two or three days. Sometimes I view a place I've never been, such as Petra, Jordan. But I also enjoy your videos of parks where I've day hiked many if not most of the trails. It is fun to recognize some of the spots in your videos.

  7. Wow! This is another one of those spectacularly beautiful places. Unfortunately I missed seeing it during my time in Utah. As usual, great photography and very cool music. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Amine Elazar says:

    I love your videos man thank you

  9. Every one of your videos feature outstanding content, both in terms of the video and the music. Thanks so much for bringing beautiful locations from around the world to us!

  10. Milosh muszę przyznać tej stacji duży szacunek, jesteście no powiem po polsku super, muzyka bajka pozdrawiam serdecznie wszystkich.

  11. William Farr says:

    Another very well done presentation here. The no talk video set to mesmerizing music is first rate. I appreciate the human element you have added as it adds scale to the enormity of the sandstone formations as well… Yes I have subscribed & glad of it!
    Thank you,
    Bill Farr…

  12. 75atem says:

    Super ! Très beau ! Merci. France.

  13. Randy Brown says:

    I have been there many times, and you captured it well. Thanks

  14. you were right when you warned me that utah was brutal in the summer. (bad enough to fry my laptop battery) but it was worth it! seeing this in person, and seeing places like angel's landing I can say with certainty that no level of filming on youtube does it justice

  15. amit pandey says:

    Stunning video, liked it very much. Great work.

  16. ndlsumr says:

    Really highlights the incredible scenery and attributes of the park. Absolutely stunning.

  17. first one is not in utah

  18. Michael Fox says:

    Fantastic, high quality video. Thanks for posting this. Looking forward to our trip next month.

  19. The most beautiful place on Earth

  20. Mônica Lima says:

    Oh…Great images!! So beautiful.🤔🤔😅

  21. Erdem X says:

    Thanks ! Nice pictures

  22. jhumenik97 says:

    just went there over spring break

  23. Mraknup says:

    Magnificent video. So beautiful presentation 👍 Thank you dear friend
    I wish you happy day 🙋🏻

  24. kat Mats says:

    Once all under water. I have been to many of these areas and no video do them justice.

  25. Amazing video! What equipment was used? Planning to go to this park in autumn.

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