Camping in Hawaiian Paradise: The Stunning Na Pali Coast, Kauai


Hiking the intensely difficult 11-mile Kalalau Trail on the Na Pali Coast of Kauai, Hawaii. PLANNING A BUDGET TRAVELING TRIP?? “Gabe’s Guide to Budget …


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  2. Andrexuman says:

    Sterling is beautiful! Congrats for the girl who is all the money into the wilderness there…

  3. TheHuski says:

    Great Video, with some stunning views.. The cliff edge walking is Wild… lol… Safe Travels Greg

  4. Where are the rule signs,lol! The authorities to make sure your safe and in line? I camped in California once and my girlfriend's son wanted to ride in the back of the truck to our sight 6 lots down from check in. We were pulled over by the cops,lights and all! For our safety of course,lol!👍

  5. Nat Lovell says:

    Everything does taste better when you're camping!!!

  6. john lee says:

    Nice video,how's was the infamous crawlers ledge section of the hike,do you need a permit to camp kalalau

  7. Brett 55 says:

    Another great video. Thanks!

  8. ScubaDracula says:

    Looks like good times! Nice footage, thanks for sharing Gabe. Must have been nice having such a beautiful companion along that way…

  9. A1 Content from a Five Star Man!

  10. dennis 13 says:

    She's a very nice girl that Sterling why don't you ask her to marry you Gabriel you only live once or you too chicken or too cheap to share your YouTube money with her I think you're too cheap for sure otherwise should be another countries with you if you would buy her a ticket that seems that you're too cheap but it doesn't cost nothing but $50 at the courthouse to marry her Gabriel okay happy honeymoon get your nerve up and see if she says I do I do I do Gabriel I do

  11. dennis 13 says:

    Did you see Gabriel get jealous when she was going to kiss the Frog he was all you better not LOL it's true though you did it's true though he did

  12. dennis 13 says:

    Sacred land means that's where the Hawaiians hide all their ice and everything they stole from The Tourist sacred land. They're row their boat up on these islands just like we did LOL haha

  13. Dear Gabriel. Watched a lot of your videos. Fantastic service you provide all of us. Thank you. You and Sterling seem so happy together in this video. It shows!!! Hope to see more of you two together! Good luck to both of you.

  14. Bow Hunter says:

    What is the best time of year to hike this.
    You didnt say much about crawlers ledge. Is it as bad as I've heard. You do not see me to indicate so. Ty.

  15. Gabriel do you travel full time year round?

  16. dennis 13 says:

    LOL Sterling knows that's not her friend in the boat she's just trying to make you jealous Gabriel looks like you kind of fell for it anyways I'm an expert in relationships and she does like you I could tell right then lol Happy Days

  17. dennis 13 says:

    Oh I almost forgot how many of you froze frame at the waterfall this shot to check out Sterling's butt??? I did !!! LOL hahaha Happy Days

  18. U BOTH look like an item, big smiles and arms on shoulders and u Gabriel look younger u glow with happiness

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