Camping Gear-Zippo-Hand Warmer Review


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8 Responses to “Camping Gear-Zippo-Hand Warmer Review”

  1. in your sleeping bag for cool feet 

  2. Angel Rico says:

    Going out hunting sounds good for it

  3. Maybe a future review could include those Dewalt heated jackets and hoodies?

    They run off their lithium ion battery packs and there aren't may reviews available.

  4. Kenneth Hope says:

    I have just bought one , the reason for the hand warmer is to keep my fingers from getting stiff perfect regards ken

  5. I use my antique Japanese hand warmer (same as a zippo except with a half inch hole over the wick to light cigarettes) every time I go ice fishing. Very handy and love it.

  6. Wool cozy? Yay,nay, maybe half cover in mylar and then wool?

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