Camping Gear : Case Knives Hunter Trapper Knife – 50 Campfires


Case has a reputation for making beautiful, durable, handcrafted knives and Case Knives Hunter Trapper is the perfect example of that. The handle is beautiful …


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One Response to “Camping Gear : Case Knives Hunter Trapper Knife – 50 Campfires”

  1. Junkyard Fox says:

    we all know how the knife looks and specs from a simple google search, show the host skinning a squirrel(as the blade was designed for), or at the very least making some wooden feather sticks. guys, your editing presentation is great and i understand ye wanna make money but respect your audience, were not as stupid or gullible as ye think: in order to sell a product, the audience needs to trust and embrace the presenters testimony, this guy shows no confidence doing anything outdoors-related.

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