Camping At Toby Keith's Place – Spectacular Arizona – Full Time RV Living


While boondocking (free camping) in Arizona, we stumbled upon a campsite belonging to Toby Keith. Arizona holds many surprises, including beautiful, free …


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9 Responses to “Camping At Toby Keith's Place – Spectacular Arizona – Full Time RV Living”

  1. RV Diem says:

    Wow! Such beautiful places to visit. Great opening… "Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses". Nice! 👍😎🥃🍺🐴

  2. Cindy Rose says:

    Nice video!
    They silenced the trains? That's the best part!!!
    Sometimes you need to turn on the air conditioner fans to drown out the noise.
    Jim and I toured an EBike business on the campus of Grand Canyon University, we took the 'fold in half' with 'fat tires' for a spin…..we bought two of them!
    They go up to 35 mph and 50 miles…. August delivery but we're so excited we bought bike helmets already! LOL
    They are good on the pavement, beach or in the wooded mountains!
    We love to ride bikes but I never have enough energy to make it back, these are perfect!
    Young college grad invented them and GCU is helping him.
    Let me know if you are interested, intro price of $899!
    We've been seeing them for much more and not as nice.
    Safe travels.
    GOD Bless.

  3. Michael has taken me up to Woods Canyon! We took the dogs they had a blast, didn’t get to catch anything because it started pouring about 30 minutes after we got there.

    Definitely want to check out Willow Springs!

    Also the get on my belly – made me lol literally

  4. Love your videos❤️❤️

  5. Watching y'all on The List right now!!!

  6. Wow beautiful areas… you need a drone in those locations to bring the viewer into the landscape. (I have a DJI Spark drone, don’t need anything large… just a minute of flight time would do it to get a couple of clips that add a whole new dimension. And it’s a new thing to learn… it’s a bit of a skill set that blends safety, pilotage and cinematography into one.)

  7. Nan Jasan says:

    Great video guys… love Northern AZ! Safe travels…

  8. How Beautiful I so want to fish there! Thanks for the video! Don't think of this when you think of Arizona!

  9. Really nice looking area! Will have to visit there.

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