Camelbak MULE Backpack Review


The Camelbak MULE has a well-deserved reputation for ergonomics, durability, utility, and design. While a little bigger than many hydration packs, the MULE …


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21 Responses to “Camelbak MULE Backpack Review”

  1. Eric Vis says:

    you can buy an insulated tube to stop freezing

  2. 8snippy says:

    This is my everyday backpack for 4 years, biking, climbing, inline skating, backpacking, it never get out of my back ! and it's still really resistant.

  3. schooder says:

    Never do a product review with a white background.. it confuses the camera.

  4. How much does it cost?

  5. Aríete says:

    Thanks, man.
    But consider to use more light and a lightless background.

  6. marz zak says:

    Ive been using this same model mule and ive had it for 4 years and use it everyday, it has lasted and is still going sgrong

  7. marz zak says:

    Strong, best money spent on this, (im considering upgrading to this years model tbh). It has never let me doi

  8. LOVE the back pocket!!!!!! POCKETS POCKETS POCKETS!!!! and its light weight too!!!!

  9. Sica1000 says:

    I searched infromations about this Backpack and you made a video 😀 Great ! Thx a lot !!!

  10. Zeroplanetz says:

    Just got the 2012 chili pepper color for 31 bucks shipped from rei 😊 love rei and there coupons and free member money back!

  11. CHARrrrrrrrr says:

    Good review, thanks

  12. Thomas W says:

    Do you think this could fit a 14" laptop? Slightly larger than a Macbook Pro 13"

  13. Asmun says:

    This is the old version they changed the design now

  14. nice review. I have a civi one and the militart version, both work great, long lasting and hold lots of stuff.

  15. Curt Pliler says:

    Great review. You told me everything I wanted to know in an articulate, audible manner. That's rare for reviews of this nature. Thanks

  16. G Devine says:

    Really helpful. You sold me. Thanks.

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