Camelbak Lobo Hydration Pack Review


Simple, lightweight, and functional. The Camelbak lobo is an excellent choice for hikers and climbers who want to have carrying capacity but are concerned …


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20 Responses to “Camelbak Lobo Hydration Pack Review”

  1. Frank K says:

    this pac is great i can fit almost all of my gear in just the botom pocket best EVER!!

  2. Motleymick says:

    Sweet Review!!!! Thanks, Ebay here I come.

  3. which is a good and cheaper one for long paintball games?

  4. Cleb Mac10 says:

    getting one for a 5 hour bike trip! thanks!

  5. @ 210482fmj
    the geigerrig backpack is a new arrival to the hydration market but it is the best pack I have ever owned. I have a lab that I go running with and I like that I can just spray water into his mouth. Plus there is no SLOSH

  6. @210482fmj You can remove the waist strap on the Camelbak Lobo 🙂 Personally I love the fit of this model, sits very comfortably on my back.

  7. Andrew Dague says:

    is there enough room for like a few spare bike tube or a multi tool?

  8. cjZarate says:

    great review. well said.

  9. mrgeorge801 says:

    I have the Lobo and I love it, it fits great and I like how discreet it looks when I am riding! I just ordered the Geigerrig pressurized hydration system to put into this pack. I am waiting to see if it will fit okay because the bladders are a different shape, but if it fits it will make this pack amazing..

  10. Great review videos, very thorough – however, it would be nice to see someone modeling the pack(s), if possible.

  11. 77and says:

    Excellent review!
    That's the pack for me. Not bloody brown though…orange me thinks.

  12. Simon Davies says:

    see 1:21, then never post a comment again without watching the video first. Great review!!

  13. Lord Potater says:

    I got mine for music festivals, can't wait to break it in this summer 🙂

  14. Z0MB1EZ_ says:

    the bottle bag would say 2 bananas fit in there for snack?

  15. Turnip says:

    the bag still holding up?

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