Beginner Hammock Camping Part 4 – Knots You Should Know


There are ton of different knots out there but which ones should you know for hammock camping? In this video I go over a simple loop knot, prussik knot, becket …


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12 Responses to “Beginner Hammock Camping Part 4 – Knots You Should Know”

  1. After several subscribers told me (very nicely) that some of my knots were done incorrectly, I decided to delete the other video and remake it with the correct method. Thanks again for the support!

  2. cgriggsiv says:

    I will be watching this later on tonight after work
    Yes this is a very late reply

  3. Wow man! Marshall halfstack….do you play in a band?

  4. Pack Mule says:

    Great video for the beginners for sure. Not only hammocks but most of these for any camping.

  5. uptrail71 says:

    Good job with the knot video! I used knots for my tarp setup before I started using Dutch's gear. A little off topic, but someone at the meetup told me that he had problems with the beetle buckles wearing fast through the hammock amsteel loop. It could have been just a bad one from Dutch or maybe it has happened to others also.

  6. OldPackMule says:

    Once again a great video. A few of these knots and some webbing and some good cordage and the beginner is set. Thanks!

  7. Bob Preis says:

    Creating a loop at the end of a line can be done with an overhand knot, but it’s much harder to untie it than a figure 8 or bowline which aren’t much harder to tie.

  8. Somebody's been listening to SHUG!

    "On the knot, NOT on the toggle; on the knot!"

  9. Daniel A says:

    What kind of rope do you recommend considering you dislike paracord?

  10. Great video! I especially liked the Becket Hitch! It seems more straightforward and less prone to error than the Marlin Spike knot. Thank you for taking the time to re-record your video! I know they're a lot of work.

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