Backcountry Camping Basics


00:29 Plan Ahead and Prepare 00:52 Selecting a Campsite 03:08 Camping and Food 05:04 Campfires 06:30 Dealing With Waste (Using the Restroom/Packing …


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  1. TIME STAMPS for the mobile folks!
    00:29 Plan Ahead and Prepare
    00:52 Selecting a Campsite
    03:08 Camping and Food
    05:04 Campfires
    06:30 Dealing With Waste (Using the Restroom/Packing out Trash)
    09:41 Packing Up Camp
    10:02 Be Considerate of Others
    10:53 Leave What You Find

  2. B Z says:

    I try to aim for the hole,,,,,,not a big boulder or bush.

  3. Gary Bowen says:

    That camping spot you folks had before you left the CDT to get out of Glacier when the heavy snows blew in just blew me away, especially with the Debussy sound track.

  4. Thanks for sharing the series. Very informative πŸ™‚

  5. It's so amazing how knowledgeable you are now compared to your very first video

  6. Solanrage says:

    3:05 tailors bunion? I've got the same thing going on from ski boots.

  7. Hikeallover says:

    Hi what do you do for a living?

  8. Justyna V says:

    What happens if you're cooking and you need to pee/go number 2? What do you do with your food? How do you deal with this πŸ˜‚

  9. Steve Gillis says:

    Thank you for all the info in all your videos ! I've watched all of them ( some twice) and learned a lot . I'm planning a solo section hike on the AT ( Virginia to NC) and I've used a lot of your gear tips. Keep it up Dixie , your awesome !!

  10. I know in LA there was a few mountain lions spotted on someone’s porch so in fact they do exist …have you ever seen one and what do you do then?

  11. Dixie, how about carrying several mace cans. Use it for spraying your " buried treasure" .

  12. robert game says:

    All good advice…except do not change into sleeping clothes before cooking. Especially in bear country the clothes you cooked in should be hung with your bear bag. For your triangle 100yards is a bit excessive. 100-200 ft is good.

  13. What type of bag that you mentioned is rodent proof and where can we get it? Thank you kindly enjoyed all your videos

  14. A little saying they have taught us here in Louisiana is " A Fed Gator Is A Dead Gator " works the same for a bear !!! Thanks for another great video !!!

  15. Bill Lamb says:

    Well Dixie you have come along ways from the approach day 1 on the AT when I first started following you .Great info. Love all the videos. Keep them coming and may you never run out of trail.

  16. AudieJane says:

    I always tell people that it would be a lifetime embarrassment if you start a wildfire. I personally would become a recluse if I was at fault for a literal natural disaster so when in doubt of safety and legality, DONT have a campfire. 🀷

  17. Mark Holt says:

    When I was a boy, I read in a book that my father checked out from a library that one should never set up camp on or near a trail. A big animal might pass through on the trail at night and cause problems.
    When I became a young adult grouse hunter, one Friday late afternoon after work, I shouldered my pack and, all alone, carried my .22 rimfire rifle up the ten-mile trail up War Creek that is sourced near the Purple Pass overlooking of the head end of Lake Chelan, Washington. As darkness began to envelope the trail, I took a right angle diversion from the trail in the uphill direction and found an almost flat place to sleep for the night about six rods from the trail for to spread my ground cloth and bedding. The next morning after a cup of instant coffee made with water heated on my Sterno stove, I packed up and rejoined the trail. There I saw the track of a large catamount inside one of my tracks made the night before.

  18. Is that a mountain lion in the background at 4:48??

  19. Nice one Dixi. Love your videos 😊

  20. Wesley Smith says:

    Great info and insight. Best wishes.

  21. Jeff Miller says:

    Smoke bath….. Add a little live ceder or pine to your fire and let that smoke get into your clothes and air through your body. Makes you feel fresh all over..

  22. Dixie, thanks for all your videos there so helpful the most info on camping and hiking great job, keep up the good work!:)πŸ•

  23. Bill Smith says:

    I am Australian, so when you talk about bears coming into your camp, all I can think about is our only bear; the koala. You would have to climb a tree and wake them up to get any interaction at all. That said, we do have nine of the ten most deadly snakes in the world.

  24. Kevin P says:

    Did I hear correctly? The BEAR-MUDA TRIANGLE should be at least 100 yards apart from camp, the kitchen and the hanging food. 100 yards is the length of a typical American Football field. That's very far. That's about the length of an NFL stadium. Did you mean 100 feet?

  25. camping rules?….. complicate ….better a local hotel

  26. Jared Balmer says:

    Be careful when you go poo in rattle snake country. You may end up getting nailed in the ass. No friend their to help you with that situation

  27. Jared Balmer says:

    Dixie I see that you taken, darn you would be fine wife for an outdoor guy. Not to many ladies like you put there who like to hike, do that kind of stuff. Who ever you spouse is hes a smart man. He ended up with you.

  28. This summer has kept me home :(. My daughter and I now 11 goes to Andrews cove GA. Pack in pack out. And the last couple of years the behavior of people has felled in this. It's said and bears are more active. Thanks for the video

  29. Rule One. When you poop, dig a hole, poop in it, put your toilet paper in the hole, bury it. THOUSANDS of backpackers do not know rule one.

  30. Mike Paschen says:

    Hey Beautiful, great info for me a beginner. Love Ya!

  31. Trevor B says:

    My dear..Youre asking a awful lot to look away when theres the possibility of seeing you half naked…lol

  32. The closer you are to a water source the more likely you'll get to meet the local wildlife.

  33. Aside from taking off work for a few months, what do you think one spends while on the AT or PCT? Assuming all of the needed gear (footwear, sleeping bag, pack, tent, etc.) has been purchased, what does the average food supply run? And how many nights (average)at a motel, paid campsite, and how many visits (average) to a restaurant? Just curious. Thanks for the videos. They are very interesting and informative. Hotty Toddy.

  34. I'm new to backpacking and I've found these videos SO helpful!! Thank you Dixie!

  35. Very informative; enjoyed video.

  36. Thanks Dixie! Has anyone posted a little guide on trail etiquette when it comes to passing other hikers and avoiding destroying the sensitive alpine plants that hold the trail in place? I might do a segment on that as well as the top "items we shouldn't see on the trail" in the essence of LEAVE NO TRACE principles. Think of Sunflower Seed or Pistachio Shells to cigarette butts…and could someone please teach a few of the PCT Hikers how to take a proper poop off trail…thank you! Hat's off to Krafty who took care of about a dozen improper pooh-drops in the OR section this year alone…Cheers everyone.

  37. Bri says:

    Hey Dixie, where did you get that jacket?

  38. J G says:

    whoa i just realized she wears braces

    this is the first video i watched on something other than my iphone

  39. C JBA says:

    "Bearmuda triangle" that's cheeky. Hiker humor. I'm still lost in the woods on that one. It's so cheeky.

  40. redcinos says:

    Thank you for posting this video doll

  41. I like this channel. Please check my camping store:

  42. Katie Newton says:

    Fabulous video! I can always rely on you to teach responsibility!

  43. H. Kim says:

    Poops are natural ingredients for plants and wild animals.

  44. Do you need to keep your first aid kit and the bear proof containers?

  45. GE PLAYER says:

    Hi Dixie, could I ask an unrelated question. What is your suggestion with long thru-hikes and wearing orthodontic braces? I notice you have them aswell so youd be the best person to ask.

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