Apparel Store Open – Thank You for Supporting the Channel


You can buy Outdoor Adventures merchandise anytime you want. At 5’6″ 140lbs a medium fits me perfectly. Check out the store below.


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16 Responses to “Apparel Store Open – Thank You for Supporting the Channel”

  1. Is the T-shirt cotton?

  2. Awesome! Order will be placed by the weekend. Thanks!

  3. JogBird says:

    did u quit your job already??

  4. Respect this wings Pinguin, Go Capitals.

  5. Will Pope says:

    Love that logo, so cool.

  6. uptrail71 says:

    I'm looking forward to your 2019 AT Adventure!

  7. Adam C. says:

    Order placed! June 29th!!!!! Hoping it would get here by my 4 day AT adventure but it will be cutting it close. Looking forward to sporting the channel, i was bummed when I missed it last year!

  8. Adam C. says:

    Oh and GO CAPS!!! Sorry, couldn’t help myself, we have come so close so many times over the years and so often spoiled by those damn Penguins!!!

  9. Jeff Thistle says:

    Sweet! I missed the first round. Looking forward to my shirt. Order placed!

  10. potatothorn says:

    OK i ordered the sticker.. it will go alongside a very few Channel Stickers on the back of my truck. Should be good advertising as it gets photographed constantly both here in the City and Especially at National Parks. Tailgate is mostly covered in National Park stickers, a lot of people check it out. I turn off my adblocker for youtube and Happy to give you a few bucks for all your hard work, love your videos and your enthusiasm

  11. Jim Bowling says:

    Hey guys when ordering these shirts buy it 2 sizes bigger.. I bought a 2xl and it shrunk to a medium..

  12. Bill Foster says:

    Love your videos and good luck on your upcoming adventures. I subscribed to your channel about two years ago and because of you I started using a hammock. This past February I had a pretty bad motorcycle wreck and have been told it will be about a year before I can get back out on the trails, and living 1 hour from RRG it is killing me, but your videos keep me in the wilderness. I truly enjoy your content and look forward to new vid's, be safe..

  13. Aaron Evans says:

    Order placed for a t-shirt this will be my main trail shirt on day hikes!

  14. Clara Mullen says:

    Awsome ordering purple tee shirt thanks

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