Anti UV/Sunburn/Mosquito Hat Field Test, Plus Various Animals


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11 Responses to “Anti UV/Sunburn/Mosquito Hat Field Test, Plus Various Animals”

  1. Hiking around trying out this new hat that I got. This is an Anti UV/Sunburn/Mosquito hat, all around useful to have in a pack or bugout bag.

  2. De Jonkheer says:

    cool, has a nice terrorist vibe to it.

  3. Tactical says:

    I got sun poisoning on my arms..its a bitch

  4. Cool hat for sure especially with its many uses. What about the guy with the black mask who appears in some of your videos – what will he have to say about this hat?

  5. mikedifeo says:

    Cool stuff. You are embarrassing Tactical with that hat. HahahaaaaaaHillary says you definitely have terrorist tendencies specially with that gloomy looking hat, she knows you have one of those scary rifles and you are even more dangerous with all those knives. In other words. you are everything she despises. And that is good because she ugly and crazy. I fell sorry for Billy. LOL…………………

  6. Very cool review brother.

  7. alittleolder says:

    You really have a lot of wildlife where you live. Must be awesome. Great video my friend.

  8. CptainCrunch says:

    This was a really good video. You made it fun.

  9. Have you see sasquatch or something strange?

  10. 1AbominAble1 says:

    Great intro, I was wondering what to make for dinner- VENISON BURGERS- yum.

    Reading a list of demands, funny. I live near Dearborne Mi. if I was out with that hat on I'd probably get shot.

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