America’s Best Fall Getaways (Fall Foliage and Travel Video)


America’s best fall getaways that showcase beautiful fall colors and foliage – Sedona, Arizona, Litchfield, Bucks County and Great Smoky Mountains. I’d like to show you the top fall destination…


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17 Responses to “America’s Best Fall Getaways (Fall Foliage and Travel Video)”

  1. 98malimal says:

    i love tennesee in mid october

  2. 98malimal says:

    i love tennese in mid october

  3. 98malimal says:

    @geobeats chattanooga

  4. planning to visit Sedona for this 2011 fall… What will be the best time to visit and any suggestions on places to visit in sedona..????

  5. thanks for the response!!! sure i will watch the video

  6. i live in litchfield!!!!!!!!!

  7. @geobeats omg. we got so much snow!! dude all of the powerlines fell because the 7 inches of snow wieghed down the tree leaves.. we got 10 days off of school!

  8. Litchfield it will be > 2012 ride to scenery

  9. I my youth,I drove to New Hope two or three's in a weekend,Bucks County is autumn in my mind.

  10. geobeats says:

    Thanks for watching!

  11. I love the fall colors and am always looking for new places to photograph.

    Nice work.

  12. Smoky mnts national park is in Tennessee

  13. Rich Persoff says:

    Nice concept, but too many trees shown out of leaf.  Sounds like a tour operator prioritized the locations.

  14. Great vid, amazing colours.  What camera are you using here (looks like similar footage to my XA10).  Gorgeous parks in the U.S.  Have you shot any footage in Canada?  Algoma has fantastic autumn colours!  


  16. Very Pretty! Thank you! for posting, You got a new sub!

  17. shad sluiter says:

    Check out the video from this weekend's fall color conditions at the West Fork Trail in Sedona.

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