Aerial Video of Grandfather Mountain Park, North Carolina


Grandfather Mountain State Park is in the NorthWestern corner of North Carolina near Linville, along the Blue Ridge Parkway. This footage was taken on Friday, …


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18 Responses to “Aerial Video of Grandfather Mountain Park, North Carolina”

  1. Angela Bock says:

    (y) Again a wonderful video, thanks for sharing and showing us this part of a very impressing landscape in US, Thomas. As always you also chose appropriate music. Go on filming and have much fun! As I have when looking. Cheers, Angela

  2. You shot some nice stuff here my friend. I love it. I'm sharing with my friend Jamie Hastings who has a phantom 3 now. He's done some amazing stuff. I subscribed to you and look forward to seeing more. You should sub Jamie – you'd be big buddies I think! Great job with this video.

  3. Great shots and perfect music!! I've been wanting to make an aerial video there but figured I would get shut down. Did of the State Park Employees say anything about you flying there? What are you flying? Thanks for sharing!

  4. Bar chrome says:

    Awesome edit! My favorite mountain in North Carolina.

  5. 4K Channel says:

    Very nice video! I have added your video to DiziVizi.
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  6. Ken Durham says:

    This is a great video. Grandfather is my favorite mountain east of the Mississippi?

  7. Gary J says:

    Thanks for the beautiful aerial view.

  8. vista7 says:

    Awesome video. You really cover the full span of Grandfather mt; even reaching McCrae's Peak(sorry if spelling error).

  9. Curious, where did you launch from. I've thought about taking mine up there

  10. Hey is there any way I could use some of this footage for my non-profit film? It will make us absolutely no money, it's just a fan project for fans. If you want to know more about the film just check out our youtube channel. You will receive full credit for any shots that you own, and a special thanks in the credits.

  11. Debbie Scott says:

    Thx, I had the camera strapped to an eagle, I too was amazed how well this video turned out.

  12. So you can fly drone near a state park ? In North Carolina

  13. joe Vulcan says:

    Thanks for the great video. I was just up there in October. Beautiful park👍😍

  14. Sil Bombardi says:

    Our mountains in Chicago are the buildings.Thanks for sharing these nice aerial views. By the way around 2:10, how those guys got there?

  15. Awesome job great thx for sharing

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