Across Utah: The Grand Staircase/Escalante Hike 2006


Original footage from my first “big hike” in southern Utah. The 25-day trek took me across one of the longest “pavement free” stretches in the US; approximately from east of Zion to Capitol…


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15 Responses to “Across Utah: The Grand Staircase/Escalante Hike 2006”

  1. lilmarine says:

    16:07 is there any reference to that arch? And as always, awesome video!

  2. touchnova says:

    Many thumbs up, still think these hikes are the best thing on YT.  Ahoy!

  3. Udink says:

    So many awesome parts: Mr. Shadow (of course!), hummingbird poop, tadpoles scurrying, and the rock art were my faves.

  4. Allen Bealle says:

    Ever on Jamal…..Thanks for a great video….

  5. bq688 says:

    Absolutely amazing.

  6. Just found your channel not to long ago and I really enjoy your videos! You do a heck of a job!  I passed through escalante two years ago on the way to Boulder mountain and can't wait to get back.

  7. John R says:

    Watched this video several months ago, and I just watched your new edition, here. My God, what an epic adventure. Were there times when you doubted you would make it out alive? I get a sense of that, in your body language and voice tone, at times. Just curious….

  8. Andy Hayes says:

    What an amazing trip. Well done. Flying over from England for my own much smaller trip soon (5 days) in the same region and you have really inspired me.

  9. Jim Doss says:

    Nice video, Jamal. I've been putting it off because of the length, but in the end, it was over too fast!
    Wondering, when you are fully tanked up, how much water are you carrying? the most I've ever had to hump was 2 gallons, wich was brutal!

  10. I live in this area and love it! Great video!

  11. StereoSpace says:

    Strangely enough, this is one of my favorite videos of yours. I like the whole sense of adventure that comes through, the sense of unknown facing your first long distance cross country hike.
    One of these days you should do a lessons learned video. Gear to take and not take, clothing recommendations, how to plan, how to navigate (compass or gps?) how to estimate how long each section will take, things like that.
    Thanks for making these. I really enjoy them.

  12. Jim Harris says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video, yu did a great job….and I have loved this canyonlands country for years….my only suggestion is maybe think about adding some logistical comments along the way like your thoughts and more advice about things you've learned during your hikes. GREAT JOB !!

  13. Just read today in Paradise Found, longhorns were considered VERY dangerous by early pioneers, mores o than bison.

  14. AdmiralG says:

    I've watched your videos for years, and I'm in Escalante right now. I just saw who I recognized as Wandering Will who I first saw in your videos, and I'd like to find your clip. With so many videos, I need your help. Will captures the spirit of why we're here and I'd like to show the rest of my group the video. Do you recall which video I'm talking about?

  15. Phil Johnson says:

    Your videos are really amazing! I found myself watching one after another. You are inspiring! Thank you 😊

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