9 Neil Greshams Masterclass – Drop Knee


Drop Knee – Egyptian Ever had the feeling that you’re doing it wrong on overhangs? If you feel like you’re always sticking your butt out and hauling yourself up …


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6 Responses to “9 Neil Greshams Masterclass – Drop Knee”

  1. cmstair says:

    holy shit this music is awful. Makes me so anxious.

  2. Alden Clarke says:

    Excellent instructional video!

  3. I believe this style will be better for my hips, and will utilize the technique and exercise. Is the exercise more efficient before or after climbing?

  4. BAK87 says:

    This IS a revelation. Thanks!

  5. 김태규 says:

    한글로 번역해주심 좋고

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