9 Must-Do Summer Activities in Finland (Europe's Last Great Wilderness)


Join me, Gary Bembridge of TipsForTravellers.com, in Finland as I explore, recommend and show you nine must-do activities in what is known as “Europe’s Last …


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18 Responses to “9 Must-Do Summer Activities in Finland (Europe's Last Great Wilderness)”

  1. Daniel Head says:

    Great Video as always. I loved how you took a more hands on approach to the activities in this video.

  2. WD Harris says:

    That was great. Your videos are always good. I don't think I would do the dog pulling husky hike…..I deal with that with my dog just going for a simple walk.

  3. Wow, those bears were amazing! I've only been to Finland in the Winter, which was an extraordinary experience, but I'd love to go in the summer one day too. The wild food experience sounds amazing!

  4. boblebob says:

    what's with the out of place sexy time music in the background?

  5. I can't wait to go to Finland soon!

  6. I have plans for my future to live and work in Finland.
    I hope my dream comes true!
    Hug from Portugal.

  7. 0:28 1. Bear Watching
    0:53 2. Husky Hike
    1:24 3. Canoeing
    1:42 4. White Water Rafting
    2:07 5. Horse Riding
    2:36 6. Mountain Bike Safari
    3:00 7. Sauna
    3:36 8. Wild Food Movement
    4:12 9. Places to Stay
    Amazing Video!Thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautiful video j love cold and mountains waterfall j love this

  9. Alice Lidell says:

    You say "we" in the video. Are you travelling with friends and/or family? Are the prices very different for groups or about the same as for individuals? I have to say I don't think I would have strength to go alone on such an adventurous trip, haha.
    Also, I love huskies so that activity wins for me!

  10. Hi from Russia ! Thanks for this travel guide on Finland . Are bears dangerous there ?

  11. Thank you so much for a lovely review ! I have been teaching myself Finnish language for around 4 years , and I can't wait to go there !! My dream would be a Kesa koti on the shores of lake Inari πŸ™‚

  12. Shakil Nasir says:

    Great information. Love it.

  13. Itsme Sia says:


  14. ilovelctr says:

    Thanks for your great review, mister. Liked and subbed. Your British accent is soothing to hear too. πŸ˜› I'm planning to have a trip in Finland around June or July this year, when the summer comes. At the end of the last year I was in St. Petersburg, and the weather was surely crazy for me because I'm Chinese, hence not really accustomed to the constant snowy days there. And my knowledge about St. Petersburg neibouring Finland certainly had me worried about the climate and culture in Finland. But after looking into things, I can tell it's cozy in the summer and the Finnish people are friendly to LGBT persons as well. So I can rest assured having a fun trip there I guess.

  15. You should have asked some Finns for pronunciation advice…for example Finnish words are always pronounced with the stress on the first syllable…

  16. Ka Wai KONG says:

    is the husky helping u go more effortlessly?

  17. Crypto World says:

    1:10 i thought you looked like a weirdo serial killer at first glance. and the huskeys pulling people along as a activity confirmed the weird part.

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