7 things you should know before you visit New Zealand


Visiting New Zealand? To download the free CamperMate app and find locations of public toilets, petrol stations, freedom camping sites, supermarkets, …


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42 Responses to “7 things you should know before you visit New Zealand”

  1. Jogaming says:

    lol why highlight north korea when you said "If your from one of these countries" XDD

  2. BassOutcast says:

    God, I want to move to NZ so bad! As soon as I'm done with my degree I'm moving! It's an adventurer's dream come true!

  3. Bea Flores says:

    Going with my family this October

  4. This video is so very informative, simplistic and the couple fronting it are professional, kapai!

  5. Don’t need to I live there :p

  6. Elliot Smith says:

    Great video! Very practical. No surprises to me as a Kiwi, except the useful app you offer.

  7. matt pare says:

    The kiwi's has the weirdest accent ever. No shoe wearing bastards. lol

  8. Questchaun says:

    But can ya can have a slushi?

  9. RVREVO X3 says:

    That was interesting. Wish we had this peptalk forty years ago.

    Should have added, if you have family living in NZ, take the opportunity to stay on rheir couch.

  10. It's a boring shithole now full of Chinese

  11. CU CREATIVE says:

    can someone please tell me where those kayak shots on the crystal blue water is?

  12. Kebar 4.0 says:

    The country is simply beautiful! must visit!

  13. Judge Dredd says:

    New zealand clean and green? It's a lie. DOC who manage the lands, have been dumping 1080 poison all over new zealands land and rivers.. so much so it would kill every single person in new zealand 1000 times over or more. lets not forget the polluted rivers… do not believe what people say, its not clean and its not green…its a fucked up image just to keep tourists coming to nz…..people have died and they have covered it up…please do not visit nz.. unless you want to die while walking in the forests or bush…

  14. I live in New Zealand in Auckland 🇳🇿

  15. *NZ Maori* says:

    If you are a tourist, cuunts shouldn't be driving on our roads. Had enough accidents happen because of you wankers lol sorry for the bluntness

  16. There is only two things to do in New Zealand…Sleep and Fuck Sheep

  17. I legit buy dood from the dairy coz I'm a poor Maori 😂😂

  18. I came on my official trip to Wellington more than 5 years ago. This time I am coming back and will do a self driving tour of North and South Island. The info helps in a way. Thank you.

  19. Stuart Ferry says:

    Dont go!!!!!! Waste money better off in Russia

  20. Weto Low says:

    Some people in comment here complains about lousy internet, better beef it up when i come over….i demand my porn videos to be uninterupted😳😳😳😛

  21. Only a true kiwi would dedicate half of a video to mundane road rules. I love my country

  22. Code Designs says:

    I don't know what is more entertaining, the driving lesson or the comment section 🤣

  23. I plan on moving to this country. Canadian here.

  24. I've been in NZ for 15 years and still rarely see a local indicate, indicate correctly or use the correct lane at a roundabout

  25. Rico Suave says:

    Most of this is common sense and the same for most European descended countries…

  26. I will never go. never ever. they are too far to the left.
    They have a man drought because the females are impossible to live with or talk to.

  27. why am i watching this im from nz????

  28. JLuis Isaula says:

    if you're turning lift

  29. Shapla K says:

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  30. Dima. Stöhr says:

    Thanks for the Information!

  31. ma ba says:

    New Zealand has turned into a multicultural shit hole, sad to watch the decline

  32. Baldi says:

    NZ da best. Greetings from Auckland, massy.

  33. As far as people are concerned, there’s so many foreigners here and the people have become harder and less nice. We have to, to keep ourselves safe.

  34. Awesome place, as an Australian the only negative I can think of is you need good luck with the weather as I did.

  35. bill blyth says:

    fair enough… good advice for overseas travelers….no mention of winter driving in the south Island …….icy roads (black ice) catch a lot of drivers out from warmer countries

  36. MroorangeYT says:

    As I am from NZ ( I live in Australia now) still why am I watching this?

  37. @0:33 You left out Hong Kong, which also drives on the left hand side.

  38. England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 to New Zealand 🇳🇿…..my next visit.

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