6 Things You Can Get Free On A Cruise – If You Ask !


How can you get free things on your next cruise, and get much more bang for your cruising bucks? I discuss the 6 main areas of cruise freebies that are available …


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49 Responses to “6 Things You Can Get Free On A Cruise – If You Ask !”

  1. Meggie says:

    Go to the reception deask and get the daily tip removed, we only tip those that deserve it. Some waiters, cleaning staff etc. They should pay them a decent wage anyway.

  2. Cheryl June says:

    Norweigen charges for lobster
    Other stuff too, and never give us extra

  3. Anything for first time cruises?….Free I mean.How about a free up grade!!

  4. Is smoking permitted on board?

  5. davewreslt says:

    also free nausea medication at guest services if you ask

  6. Remember, manners are always free. Thanks for the video.

  7. My family had all about 10 lobster tails each. I only had 3 because, for some reason, I can’t eat too much seafood or my stomach hurts. As long as you ask, they’ll keep bringing them.

  8. Very informative! Love the idea of getting a few breaks here and there 👍👍👍

  9. Sunshine says:

    Is for Oasis of the Seas as well?

  10. who cares about small charm, cheap gifts. if you paid that much for a cruise, why waste your time on that nonsense for dollar store items….sheesh

  11. About the anniversary of birthdays my last cruise I have my 60 and my friend actually tall to the restaurant and they never bring me anything not even a piece of cake I was very disappointed

  12. I simply fill my water bottle with ice that melts during the day and provides very drinkable water.

  13. L P says:

    Don’t forget salmonella and a flu you can get those too for free

  14. Etherglide says:

    Unless youre American why would you want two main courses?

  15. Etherglide says:

    Honestly mate, you come across as a right cheapskate. Embarrassing.

  16. Going for our honeymoon. Lets hope we get some free gifts haha

  17. When aboard … I don’t want anything but Jack Daniels & food.

  18. Landon Tate says:

    Gary, thanks for the tips. Went to a spa raffle, won $150 spa certificate and and free Thimas Kinkade at the art show.

    We really enjoy your videos and have learned a bunch. Thanks again!!

  19. David Hood says:

    On Royal Caribbean, we just go to the Windjammer or pool bar to get water. The windjammer also has lemonade etc for free.

  20. Mich Johnson says:

    On My first cruise (Carnival) I was travelling solo. When the Captain hosted a cocktail party prior to the formal dinner, a photographer was in the greeting area taking pics of each couple. I introduced myself to the Captain, and explained I was solo, and asked i could have a picture taken with him as opposed to alone. He did, and asked me where I was from. I replied Toronto. He knew I was referencing this big city instead of where I actually lived. I named another smaller city…he asked if I lived there…no..and I named my really small town. Turns out he lives 20 mins from me! He asked me to sit at his cocktail table! He asked my room number and had a hardcover book about the ship delivered! He also sent me the photographs of us, plus refunded the cost of my excursions! This was all very professional.
    The tip is to introduce yourself to people!

  21. bessamemucho says:

    You were moved to better cabin because they new you are video-blogger)))

  22. Anna Cantar says:

    Royal Caribbean did free liquor tastings throughout our cruise. You could have as many little shots as you wanted and you can go to every scheduled tasting! It was great!

  23. Drcthru says:

    Go out of your way for more food on a cruise? You should have that tapeworm treated!

  24. He’s got stock video clips, and he’s gonna use them. All of them…

  25. dale maki says:

    Going on a princess Alaskan cruise for my birthday I will get back to you afterwards and let you know what happened 👍

  26. Danielle R says:

    Don't ask for off menu items. Don't be that dick.
    These items aren't prepped for dinner/lunch service.
    And always tip your room service person.

  27. Ann Tobin says:

    On our New Zealand cruise last October Majestic Princess was great. My sister in law had to eat just certain foods. They were great. Every night they would take her choices for the next night. They gave her plenty and were very creative.

  28. Kobo Mafia says:

    Free corona virus and free extra 24 days cruising

  29. Owen Mclain says:

    Nothing is free, you paid for it in one way or another.

  30. Free ice cream, coffee and tat I don't need. Where do I sign up?

  31. Jeff Miller says:

    Cruise ship freebies… A dose of corona virus… Huh, too soon?

  32. JoshTube says:

    A lot of these are great, but room service should never be free. Why should someone have to walk through an entire ship to bring food to my fat ass who doesn't want to get out of bed without getting paid for it? A tip, etc. Just no. Get your robe on, slip on your slippers and go down to breakfast if you don't want to pay for room service.

  33. I've just stopped smoking which I'm really proud of I'll take the free cards but if they offer free cigarettes I'm finished.

  34. beverly a says:

    you dont have to pay for the virus its free , oh yeah maybe pay with your life

  35. wwwkenorg says:

    There is nothing free on a cruise, unless you received the cruise for free.

  36. Paul Warner says:

    You can now get corona virus free.

  37. M gmail says:

    Windstar did absolutely nothing for my milestone birthday.

  38. Emma Pink says:

    We were on a Celebrity cruise with my sister and brother in law. My husband and brother in law spoke with our dining room waiter and asked if on a night that lamb was being served would it be possible to get mint sauce rather than mint jelly. Sure enough a few nights later there was lamb on the menu and our waiter brought a dish of mint sauce to the table. He had spoken to the chef who personally whipped up mint sauce just for us.

  39. tammy mata says:

    I wish I had known to say something.  We have a large group of noisy partiers across the hall and they met up all night long right in front of our door.  Slept poorly the whole cruise!

  40. bjoegday409 says:

    Your videos are the worst

  41. BigCat6906 says:

    I love free stuff!!

  42. BigCat6906 says:

    When I was cruise shopping it said free kids. Is there a limit to how many and where do they come from? They're probably lost and found children's I'm sure. I don't really want or need children's but hey free is free right?

  43. Mark ledesma says:

    i did ask for second portions a few times and after the cruise i gained 5 lbs but i really had a great time.

  44. Sir, your information & insite is spot on & very appreciated. @ 6:20 I saw a shop with cigarettes. Are there any cruises that allow smoking, or have smoking areas? I mean, didn't the Hindenburg have a smoking lounge? (Or do the Rich just do it? When I go to the coast in Oregon, I spray the frack outta air freshener & leave no trash & a big cash tip…never beeb hit with a fine.
    Btw, my first & only cruise was NY to France '63 s.s. United States. I was not quite 5. Sick for a day…then a holy terror. Apparently, folks had planned an adjoining cabin…oops! Kids forward, parents aft!
    But half a century has passed. Now I smoke. Any cruises that permit it?

  45. Richard Webb says:

    Infection is free on cruise-ships-of-death – and there is no need to ask!!! Happy travels.

  46. I always end up sitting in a place where waiters totally ignore me when trying to get a drink. They have even walked past me like I'm invisible to ask the people next to me what they want. What is up with that?!?!?

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