6 Spots to Off-Road to in Ocotillo Wells


Amie and I were invited by Polaris Adventures to head down to Ocotillo Wells for a half day of off-roading at Ironwoods Off-Road. We took the opportunity to …


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24 Responses to “6 Spots to Off-Road to in Ocotillo Wells”

  1. Love the pumpkin patch & the bubbling mud! What is the story on the pumpkin patch? Interesting formations. And you let her drive!!

  2. Lucky you!! Seems like she drives faster than
    you : 🤗😊

  3. Ian Mandel says:

    Damn that sh*t looks super fun !! Sick Vid with the Drone following the buggy!

  4. Awesome video, looks like so much fun! Going to have to take my Fj cruiser out there and explore.

  5. How do you get the vehicle?
    Rent? Or your own?

  6. Chris Kozak says:

    Awwwww! Unique video! Awesome, thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to try it. Great job, guys!👏❤️

  7. You should let Amie drive more.

  8. Cool channel mate! G'day from Victoria, Australia.

  9. you never went off Santiago truck trail  and saw the sea shells up there

  10. do you have to use the razor  looks like my Tacoma would go out there fine

  11. Fantastic offroading location!

  12. That was an awesome video! Cant pick out my fav part. But fossils were really cool!

  13. Rob Buglass says:

    Cracking content , loved it . Keep going , watching with joy in the UK .

  14. Holmes camp ftw hooters booters and cooters mama making meatloaf in the trailer yadiiiiiig

  15. DuckPoker says:

    Thanks for all the great info, excellent video!!

  16. Rico says:

    Cant a 2wd prerunner with a locker survive out there??

  17. You guys missed blowsand awesome spot

  18. Two Jakes says:

    There is a difference between Artesian with an E and Artisan. One ex used to order the "Artesian" breakfast sandwich at Starbucks. smh

  19. Great presentation on this video thanks

  20. Addisyn_O says:

    Am I the only one who’s actually been at half of theese places before

  21. gage shahan says:

    I have a trailer in mobiland trailer park in ocotillo im only 12 and ive been every were in ocotillo not lyin one bit

  22. gage shahan says:

    Most people in these comments have never been to ocotillo wells which is sad

  23. go return the pumpkin u and yourfriendsstole, I seem to recall a few hudred more,u didn't go to the airplane graveyard, bombing range or box canyon up split,:(

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