5 things WRONG with the Zpacks Arc Haul


Let’s get one thing out of the way. I love my Zpacks arc haul and consider it to be one of my best ultralight backpacking gear purchases. That being said I’m not …


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22 Responses to “5 things WRONG with the Zpacks Arc Haul”

  1. steve h says:

    Will you still be a Mountain House Ambassador in 2019?

  2. Slaw says:

    Beside the zipper on the pockets (which is technically not part of the pack since you have to buy them separately), the rest of your "things wrong list" with the pack seem made up… as if you had to come up with a "top 5 list" and couldn't really think of any real problems. I mean, you bought the pack knowing it's size…right? Then you complain of too many straps but go on to say "that's what makes Z-packs Arc Haul such a great pack". Well which is it?

  3. Leonidas says:

    Mirin' that Brandon Sanderson collection in the background.

  4. Bought one last summer and didn't find it to work well for me. For some of the reasons you mentioned and also the thin straps cut into you. Not into it, been trying to sell it since I bought it

  5. Alpine Kiwi says:

    I would agree with every point you make on this pack.
    It is also still my favourite pack (although I have the Arc Blast).

  6. So, I never drank the Z Packs Kool Aid. Its interesting to see how people who did are now getting the aftertaste. Not to distract from the quality of the products. But, when all is perfect….it makes me question things…..just sayin. Love your content and channel. Keep up the good work!

  7. Alan Norcott says:

    Hey Thanks for the video, I should be receiving my Zpac Zip tomorrow and am very excited. Your videos helped me make this choice. I'm fairly new to Ultra lite backpacking. I ordered a sleeping bag which was a significant investment. I want a back up system for when my sons comes with me. What is your 3 season sleep system. I know you have mentioned that you don't use a sleeping bag anymore. I would love if you could link me to the products you use. Thanks

  8. Agreed Tim, I'm hoping my Arc Haul strap slipping doesn't become too much of a pain for me. Keep it up Tim, good info.

  9. I don't mind the extra space on the Haul as when I have to use a bear canister or packing extra gear for colder weather, I tend to use more room but yeah, on a normal hike, I am swimming in space. I also don't mind the number of straps the Haul has, but I would prefer they used wider/beefier straps, even if that incurs a slight weight penalty. And yes, the hip belt pockets are practically impossible to open/close one-handed, but the are as capacious as an elephant's scrotum!

    The only thing I think that Zpacks is doing wrong, or at least could improve on, is the way the shoulder straps are attached to the pack. They aren't attached directly to the pack, but to a single, small, webbing strap. Isn't the purpose of the shoulder straps to distribute the weight? As designed it doesn't do that, and eventually, after enough wear and tear, basically just be a 1/2" shoulder strap with no cushion.

    Having said that, I like my Arc Haul. It's a light, sturdy pack. I had it loaded to 31 lbs. last season while sharing the weight of a four season tent when and friend and me climbed/camped at Camp Muir last summer and was completely comfortable.

  10. Rubbing along the bottom straps that keep the trampoline under tension can cause fraying.

  11. it's still super difficult for me to get out and put back a 1 liter smart water bottle into the side hip pockets. very frustrating.

  12. There is a lot going on with this pack. I acknowledge that this pack will be good for only a thru-hike, maybe 2 if I'm lucky. It doesn't feel great with a pack weight 30+ lbs which would include food/water. my base weight is around 11.5-12 lbs for a 3 season kit.

  13. Great video and way to let everyone know

  14. Talk about hitting the nail on the head!! My Arc Blast has the exact same issues.The biggest annoyance was that side pocket! You got your camera in you hand and trying to wrangle that pocket .. lol you get frustrated with it cause the zippers on the far end and ant moving and so you have to stop.. use two hands and finally you can get your snacks out lol

  15. Straps..straps…straps!!!… Zippers..zippers..zippers…. Yeah, my Klymit Motion 60 is a bondage freak's dream too….๐Ÿ˜’… Still love it though

  16. I had the arc haul in my room along with the ula and the zpacks went back. The ula seemed much more durable and simple and I've been really happy with it now a year later.

  17. Really good info on the pack Tim. This will help me make a decision.

  18. Neal Rushing says:

    Too many straps? Thatโ€™s the point lol

  19. My issue with Z packs is they have the worst customer service ever, no phone support whatsoever, and everything is done through email which is a very very slow process.

  20. One thing wrong about it isn't anywhere near as good a pack as the Kelty Trekker 3950… Zpacks backpacks are warranted for one Thru hike…and the Kelty Trekker is a life time warranty…the Kelty Trekker can carry a 10 lbs base weight or less, and if you needed to you could carry an Expedition load…and everything in between it's that great of a backpack…. -Friar Rodney Burnap

  21. szmondecki says:

    Thanks for your Video. In regards to Zpack sizing, what is your torso height and which size did you choose? Thinking about buying new Arc Zip 57L and I am not sure if I should aim into S or M. Any feedback will be highly appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Flyfish89 says:

    What made you decide to get the Arc Haul and not the Arc Blast……I'm trying to decide which one to get, my average weight is around 30 -33 pounds with food/water.

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