5 Items to Shed Weight on a Motorcycle Camping Trip – How To


Five items to shed up to 6 1/2 pounds that will cost less than $50 total! These items are a great way to shed some packing weight without breaking the bank!


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23 Responses to “5 Items to Shed Weight on a Motorcycle Camping Trip – How To”

  1. God stuff……Thanks!

  2. Andy Chen says:

    You can really fill a motorcycle tire with a bicycle pump?

  3. Looking thru my camping junk this morning, getting ready for a bike trip. I found an envelope with two P38 can openers. I bought a half dozen back in hi-school for about 25 cents each. Lifetime supply now.

  4. Krobar Rides says:

    I am just sticking my nose into IBA riding, adventure riding and wild camping, soooo why is 6 pounds or weight in general such a big deal?

  5. That little wood stove is brilliant. When we went to Daytona, the running joke was that my dufflebag was actually a bodybag because it was so heavy. I really need to start spending a little time in packing smarter.

  6. When I was travelling around and camping on my motorcycle I did not care so much about weight as I wanted comfort so I bought a trailer to tow behind my bike, best thing I ever done as I was able to buy gifts while travelling without the need to either post home or squeeze into my pack. Sometimes bigger and more is much better. Just my personal opinion and experience.Especially as a biker with some disabilities too.

  7. momo rider says:

    Awesome videos just came across your videos I will be watching. What part of Az do you live in. I'm in Catalina Az.

  8. Dude, love the energy, good stuff. But seriously, a full size can opener? "How to shed 10 lbs for free". Don't take a brick. lol

  9. Jim Piquette says:

    Look up the Petzel Zipka headlamp , much smaller , and really cool. It replaces the big headband with a great zip out, hidden unit.

  10. bunhead8 says:

    that stove is a cool idea…I carry a bicycle pump and came across some broken down cyclists one day who asked: "hey do you have a bicycle pump", lol – all good tips, thanks!

  11. Mark Jacobs says:

    I use a $15 Duece of Spades, crap hole digger, .6oz, 3.5oz, $20 Toaks 550 titanium pot with a $15, BSR titanium stove, 1.5 oz. Research "Through Hikers" and you'll get your kit down to 20lbs or less for a weekend or a month. You don't have to spent $$$$ anymore to get weight down…but you can if you have to have the name brand gear.

  12. Chris Heggie says:

    Some good ideas thanks. I guess it depends on the type of wood but how thick a branch of dry hardwood can you expect to cut through with your rope saw and how long do they last?

  13. George W says:

    For the P38 opener check surplus shops, locally or on line. A few years back I received a pack of about 10 as a bonus when I bought some other stuff. I am still finding those little buggers in my sock drawer, tool kit and everywhere else! P.S., I went back to the regular can opener because it just works better. (but then I would carry my Ninja blender if I could fit it on my MC!)

  14. very cool,love the stove and can opener

  15. J White says:

    I couldn't believe it when he said a P-38 (can opener) was $5 online. You can go to any army navy store get a handful of them for five bucks. And once you get used to them you can open a can very easily. I keep one on every keychain I have

  16. Heck, I could shed 6 1/2 pounds by quitting bacon and has browns! Headlamp is the best thing ever!

  17. Steven Smith says:

    Great stuff thanks bro

  18. Paul Chidgey says:

    Its actually an Australian invention ( the can opener ) I used them for 25 years in Australian Army Ration Packs – we call them a
    FRED ! Field ready eating device.

  19. Ed Baxter does make some excellent points, but I'd like to add a couple if I may.

    Ditto on the rope saw, tried a couple and not a fan. Personally I've never carried a saw of any kind. Most sticks small enough to be cut with a saw like that can just be stomped on and busted. Only gear you need is your boot, which you're already carrying anyway.

    5 bucks for a P38? WTH? Did you buy the genuine BMW accessory version? 😉
    99 cents at pretty much any Army/Navy Surplus store, could probably get a box of 100 of them for 5 bucks on the web. They're pretty much meant for single use although they will work over and over again, but just a suggestion might wanna carry at least a couple. I grab a handful every time I'm at the local surplus store and scatter them around so I always have one in every vehicle, pack, etc.

    Definitely agree on the CO2 inflator.

    Also not a huge fan of the wood stoves. Seems like a good idea until you're caught in the rain and everything flammable is soaking wet. Also they cover the bottom of your pan with black soot, which isn't all that easy to wash off, and gets all over anything it touches. I have an ultralight butane stove that I got off Amazon dirt cheap, and they sell the fuel canisters pretty much everywhere so it's not hard to source a replacement if needed. If I was going to carry one of the wood stoves I would also carry some Esbit tabs or alcohol gel as a backup fuel.

    PS your videos are awesome. Extremely informative and well made. Whether I agree or not I definitely respect. You're obviously a guy that's been there and I have learned a lot watching your videos. Keep up the amazing work!

  20. Here are my tips. Use CO2 cartridges to fill up tires; 8 Oz. , use solar LED lighting strip off all the plastic to reduce weight. Use a discarded paint can; removing the bottom . Cut the vent holes and feeder hole then using the modified lid . It’s a perfect FREE STOVE. The lid is flat and roll up the tin can for storage and it’s a bigger fire place and much lighter.

    I’m designing a new tent for my bike and myself to share the same space. I’ll need reviews. I’m going to be custom building each cover-tent for every bike and users needs.

    This should not weigh more than 8 pounds.

  21. Freppster says:

    That intro on your videos are so damn sort and good its the best on youtube for sure! just hade to say it 😀

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