5.11 Load Ready Haul Pack: TOUGH Do It All Outdoors Backpack!


Thanks for watching… In this video I share with you the 5.11 Load Ready Haul Pack. I was kind of apprehensive about receiving this pack because I saw some …


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39 Responses to “5.11 Load Ready Haul Pack: TOUGH Do It All Outdoors Backpack!”

  1. Plus Loco says:

    Next level intro

  2. Praktis modelnya gk ribet tapi waoo mewah banget nampaknya ..trimkasih review nya Uncle

  3. Musaab Osman says:

    Backpack bedtime story lmao

  4. Tad Watson says:

    I love the look of packs like that but I always need what's in the bottom. That's why I buy clam shells.

  5. kc Herrick says:

    My favorite channel rn

  6. James Smith says:

    Always love a good quick release option. Cool review.

  7. KippySmi7h says:

    Looks quite simple yet practical.

  8. Spc Schwahn says:

    Found your channel a few days ago. Watched a few videos. Great stuff. Subscribed

  9. That intro! You never cease to surprise me, lol. Good review! Really that pack has its dimensions printed on it… Those straps look dissapointing, but the release straps on it is nice for an added security feature to clipping it around a chair or some other object when youre at a cafe or out in the woods.

  10. Chris C says:

    Thank you for continuing to make these videos, George. It somehow makes this crazy time seem more normal with your videos. Your style continues to entertain and inform! You're really come a long way!

    As for the pack itself, it looks like a nylon version of a YETI top-loading cooler. I'm sure it can hold a lot, but definitely not my style (and I like a boxy bag generally). I can't believe they printed the dimensions. How can they market this as a load ready haul pack without a true, comfortable load-bearing harness? It's a misnomer for sure. Definite no-go for me.

  11. Big Paul says:

    Hi George. Another great review.
    What jacket are you wearing in the review video?

  12. EDC TV says:

    I didn’t know you have a son. Great intro

  13. Sam Watson says:

    1050d?! Oooh she thicc

  14. Sam Watson says:

    Got a retro feel. I'd use this as a grab and go bag for unexpected travel

  15. 93Create says:

    This could be a good beach bag. Great intro, btw!

  16. Lol, your son is a great kid, amazing seeing you two together in a video. It's not my type of bag this time, but I appreciate you doing a review of it anyway. And you went to the woods to test it, its the only credible environment for this pack 🙂

  17. Sn95 says:

    That is similar to a bag I use for fishing every September. It looks good for fishing all day, before sunrise until 5 or so. This will fit my 10 piece chicken and a 6 pack I bring to the river searching for Kings. I don't think I would buy it for anything else. It reminds me of a large lunch bag. Another great review, thanks George.

  18. jc palermo says:

    Cool bag. It's different, sometimes different is good. I think it's got a great look for an "outdoorsy" type of use. Great review as usual George. I'm guessing your boy will want for no backpacks as he ages. Good for him!

  19. norfy says:

    this pack with yoke shoulders traps like the rush 24 would be pretty much perfect

  20. Erik K. says:

    Great review as always George.

  21. I liked the intro, thanks, George.

  22. Q says:

    Fantastic review! Just recently found your channel. Love everything your about. Keep it up. 👍🏼

  23. David Sarney says:

    GSPs rule! Oh, and 5.11 is cool too.

  24. I think 5.11 hates compression straps I love the quality of 5.11 but the lack of versatility of the packs are what keeps me away like if this pack had a compression straps for the bottom half it would make an amazing commuting pack for urban setting it would fit a ton if roles for me

  25. Nik Baret says:

    Thanx for filming

  26. D24 says:

    Fire !!!! What an edit
    Always the direct info no BS every point or flaw I agree with no one else points this stuff out as well.no1
    Hey man looking trim you on the training .

  27. jordancl07 says:

    Great review George, keep up the good work. Love seeing your channel grow man! God Bless!

  28. Sean N says:

    Love the tough rugged sound effects for the rough rugged bag. Nice touch!! By the way loving the Gregory bag dude.

  29. That intro was sooo cute! Oh, and great backpack.

  30. Joe says:

    I was expecting a much higher MSRP. Seems like a great value.

  31. Common Clay says:

    Great review! Love it

  32. C_herm says:

    Hell yeah man!!
    Just subscribed to your channel, I love different kinds of backpacks, my wife just don’t get it though ! Haha keep these reviews coming.

  33. George What do you recommend for a minimalist style backpack or duffel for the gym?

  34. Arctic Gator says:

    i really like that, will a five gallon bucket fit into it?

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