3 Years of Adventure in 3 Minutes | Life Motivation


Cameras I used to film this: 1. New camera: 2. Old camera: 3. Flying camera: 4.


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  1. 1Lifeonearth says:

    Greetings friends! If you're interested in finding the places in this video, I put links in the description to all the places, and the corresponding blog posts (I wrote) describing how to get to each particular place. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Really great quality! Hope you had fun on the adventures 🙂

  3. Jan Dąb says:

    Hi guys! I can say only one thing about this video: thank you! Those stunning views and this music…just beautiful mix! This video shows that life is a great adventure in which we have to take part in! We can't just spend our life on routine! Thank you once again!
    Greetings from Poland!

  4. Natasha Hall says:

    great video! very inspiring, and some beautiful scenery.

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