25 Incredible Places to Take Photos in Los Angeles


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32 Responses to “25 Incredible Places to Take Photos in Los Angeles”

  1. Prank Girl says:

    Im the hero of my very own journey?!?

  2. How can you forget Hollywood Sign?

  3. metta8888 says:

    For people going to the Poppy Reserve, please don't trample on them just so you can get a selfie.

  4. What’s up Brian?!…I’m really glad I did “stumble” on this video, it’s a very beautiful blessing to live in Los Angeles or even to visit. It was an amazing watch. Keep’m coming okay?!…thanks for the visual journey!

  5. Thanks for the video! I moved to L.A. a year and a half ago, but I always just end up going to Disneyland or Universal Studios on my days off. This should help motivate me to go somewhere different! I think everyone on my social media is getting tired of Disneyland photography by now…

  6. Khanh Nguyen says:

    You earn my subscription sir. I just moved in here and had no ideas where to go lol. Thanks

  7. Conny Brown says:

    Thank you for this great video…Gave me some great idea to take my daughter on our new adventure's. Very very helpful

  8. marixalilith says:

    such a cool video 🙂

  9. In downtown now!, Watching your video!, Been here since 1961, haven't seen everything here yet!, Planning to see as much as possible!

  10. Ken M says:

    Great video, thanks for sharing.

  11. Proud to be an Angelina! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. This is one of the best "LA attraction" lists I've ever read! Granted I've only lived here for 4 years but I've been to all but 2 of these places. Truly some of my favorites!

  13. EL EL says:

    The back of the Hollywood sign !? Old Zoo….to many places.

  14. On my way July 24th can't wait …..😊, nice Video beautiful city…

  15. Beatriz says:

    Hi! What a wonderful song! Could you tell me its name, please?

  16. Super, Very helpfull, I will be In LA in september, where is The most interesting arena to take a hotel?

  17. Well done great video. I love LA I'm a native but unfortunately was raised in LA as Vegas. Returned to Los Angeles in 2014 after a period of nearly 25 yrs and it has come up in a big way always something to do or see. Thanks so much for your awesome video….

  18. Where is the made in LA sign at?

  19. Thanks guys! Love your blog and love for LA.

  20. Silva Walter says:

    YUP!, buncha great spots.

  21. Great Video Spot on My Boy🖒👌!! Just Gotta admit Made Me Feel Pride To Be Born And raised in L.A !

  22. God bless LA
    Beautiful Los Angeles!

  23. Thanks for these beautiful spots, guys! The information location access is very helpful, I have added a couple on my list to visit. A photo app I'm working for features 150+ of California's best photo locations and I think you'd be interested! It's called Explorest – it leads you to the world's most beautiful photo locations using GPS coordinates & tips by the country’s best photographers. We’ll be expanding to New York and many more places soon! Check it out if you have some spare time! https://www.explorest.com/

  24. Makes me wish I actually lived there :/

  25. Neat Gifts says:

    The one place I never thought I'd end up, and here I find myself. Just like my dad before me, I feel a deep need to be where my children are. There are some great places to live and be in Southern California. LA just isn't one of them (for me).

  26. cdfcat says:

    Cool video thanks for giving me some ideas and you are right. No matter what my San Diego friends say, we are lucky to be living in LA

  27. Thank you for this video!!! I'm so excited to go with my dad to those places!!😍🤗💪👏

  28. AbsoluteYami says:

    I can just imagine driving to all these places. Salute sir.

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