2018 Gossamer Gear: The One Tent Review Part 1 (Winter camping in snowstorm)


Watch, as I go solo camping during a winter snowstorm in the Gossamer Gear “The One” tent. This is the newest 2018 version of the tent. I wanted to test this …


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  1. I just switched to a single wall tent myself (lunar solo). Im curious to see how it will do with condensation. Im going to do a weekend hike in 2 weeks to test it out before my bigger section hikes. Love that wool pullover you're wearing, ill bet that thing is warm!

  2. Kerry Young says:

    When is your start date ?

  3. Nice!!!! Looking forward to watching your journey. Woooot wooooot🙂🙌🏻🏕❤️

  4. I understand your tall guy problems! I’m 6”5 and have been through about 6 different tents trying to find the right one. I have the Zpacks Duplex now and love it. My head and feet don’t touch the ends and I still have 3 or 4 inches to spare. Plus I have enough interior height to sit up and cook with enough width to bring all of my gear inside in bad weather. All of that for 23 oz. Just throwing that out there if you were looking for something a little bigger.

  5. Looks like a great tent! Did you get some polycryo for the footprint?

  6. I did this with my daughter on a night that it was 31°F

  7. Sierra Designs is the brand I use. I got a two man tent with an amazing 4 inches of headroom when I sit up in it. Switch to a 2 man tent. I'm seeing more thru-hikers carrying them.

  8. Walter U. says:

    Nice video, thanks for posting. Have you tried to pitch it without staking it down? i.e. using rocks, etc? Im doing the JMT in Sept. and I'm wondering how it would fare above tree line on harder ground.

  9. They need tie out points on the head and feet to keep the sag from happening. I own this tent…a 2018.

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