1 Day in Page: Canyon X + Horseshoe Bend | Arizona Day 4


Our last full day in Arizona was spent exploring Page, Arizona, a small town in Northern Arizona that is home to many incredible natural wonders, like Horseshoe …


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16 Responses to “1 Day in Page: Canyon X + Horseshoe Bend | Arizona Day 4”

  1. Jealous! As a serious hobbyist photographer, I've been wanting to go out west to HSB and the slot canyons. Canyon X looks promising. Really enjoy the videos…keep it up!

  2. Horseshoe band and Canyon X are amazing, really mind-blowing video. big thumbs up!

  3. OH MY GOSH…that was amazingly beautiful! To think I lived in Arizona just shy of 14 years and DIDN’T see any of that! Wow…just breathtaking! I smile watching you two…thanks for giving a great tour!

  4. Another great vlog my little Staffie Sunny loved watching the puppy on tv as well 😁😁

  5. Anne Harris says:

    Did you have to do a tour with Canyon X?

  6. A friend of mine just went to Page also, and I was telling her I wanted to go after seeing the pictures. We just returned from Oahu, and I made my first set of travel videos from that trip. Feel free to check them out and let me know what you think. Now you have me looking up travel info to Page! LOL Thanks for sharing, A plus K!

  7. Sylvia says:

    i've heard that you can't bring anything in the canyon? but where did you leave your wallet and pasport and such things?

  8. Jose Pena says:

    Guys, Do you notice in your video 4.42 minute the person that was walking in your back fell like stupid. that was super funny LOL awsome video thanks for the info.

  9. Only ONE DAY?! You missed out and need to come back… LOL

  10. Hi.. do you need to make a reservation in antelope canyon? And how? Thanks! Great vids!

  11. Lily Fonte says:

    Hi! I just booked from the same website as you, did they give you any issues about a backpack or taking your camera?

  12. memee looker says:

    A wonderful place,Nice Trip

  13. mse900 says:

    Thats literally the same airb&b I just booked lol

  14. Andy Nguyen says:

    How far is canyon x from horseshoe bend?

  15. msjinabina says:

    is canyon x walkable for seniors? i heard antelope lower has steep stairs and ladders. will canyon x work better? thx

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